Information for Authors

(August 1st, 2022)
日本語 (Japanese version)

Manuscript submission

  1. We welcome original articles, clinical case reports, timely review articles and other submissions in Japanese or English. Please follow these guidelines for English submissions. Submissions in Japanese should follow the Japanese language guidelines (here).
  2. Please use clear, concise English, and keep in mind that your submission should be understandable to a wider research audience.
  3. Articles should not already have been published elsewhere, or be in the process of being submitted for publication elsewhere.
  4. External referees will review submissions, and authors may be requested to make changes before acceptance.

Protection of Personal Information and Ethical Compliance

  1. When submitting papers with patient information, please safeguard the following information: (1) Name (including initials), (2) Date of birth, (3) Dates of consultation, (4) Birthplace and place of residence, (5) Family background, (6) Facial recognition. Date of consultation should be in numbers, by year and month, using the Western calendar. Dates should be "early," "mid," or "late". Date of hospitalization should not be included. When including information that can identify a patient, please obtain consent beforehand and indicate such consent. 
  2. Your submission must have appropriate approval from an institutional review board following the Declaration of Helsinki (2013 Brazil revision):( Such approval must be clearly stated in the paper. Please ensure animal research conforms to appropriate governmental guidelines: (
  3. Articles should not already have been published elsewhere, or be in the process of being submitted for publication elsewhere.
  4. On the title page indicate any conflicts of interest relating to funding or other matters. In the event that the research is funded by a commercial enterprise please indicate this.

Submission Guidelines

    • Original articles
      2,500 words + no more than eight figures and tables.
    • Case reports
      2,000 words + no more than six figures and tables.
    • Review articles
      3,000 words + no more than 10 figures and tables.
    • Atlases of neuroimaging
      500 words and a maximum of two figures.
  1. Please add a summary of no more than 200 words, and no more than five key words. A summary and keywords are not necessary for atlases of neuroimaging.
  2. On the title page, note the title, author name(s) and affiliation(s) and the address with email of a one corresponding author. Note the number of words of the main text and page number the document.
  3. Your submission should have the following in order: title page, summary, main text, references section. Please include legends to illustrations, tables and photographs.
  4. If English is not your native language your manuscript must be edited for language prior to submission.
  5. For acronyms in the main text: use full spelling with the acronym in the first instance and the acronym thereafter. For illustrations, add explanations to acronyms.
  6. Photographs and other images should be at least 350dpi for color printing, and at least 600dpi for black and white printing. The size limit is 21 cm×16.5 cm. Please insert bars for electron micrographs. If text or arrows are added to photographs, include copies of the original (unedited) photograph.
  7. Color printing is available upon request at a cost of ¥75,000 (fixed cost) + ¥5,000 per figure + consumption tax. We request that pathology images be published in color.
  8. Manuscripts will not be returned.
  9. Please send a completed Manuscript and Work Property Rights Transfer Consent Form signed by all authors.
  10. When submitting online, the Manuscript and Work Property Rights Transfer Consent Form should be a PDF file.

References Section

  1. In the References section, please note only those works cited in the main text.
  2. Number references in order of citation and add superscript numbers to the main text.
  3. You can list up to five authors: if the number exceeds five, use “et al.”
  4. References should have the following format:
    • Journals
      Author name, article title: journal name, volume number, page numbers, publication year.
    • Books
      Author name, book title: publisher, publication location, page numbers, publication year.
    • Please follow the NLM (National Library of Medicine) for acronyms for Western journal names and use the official acronyms for Japanese journals.


  1. Articles may be re-submitted following review. When re-submitting, please send a written reply clearly indicating revisions in response to referee comments, and a revised manuscript indicating changes.

Magazine Carrying the Article and Reprints

  1. We will present the author with two copies of the journal carrying the article and 30 reprints. Further reprint expenses will be advised as necessary.


  1. Reproduction rights, translation rights, screen presentation rights, transfer rights, lending rights and rights of public transmission (including the right to make transmittable) for works published in this journal shall be deemed transferred to Igaku Shoin. Please inform us if you wish to re-use these rights as author.

Consent for Citation and Reprinting

  1. Please obtain any necessary consent before submitting your manuscript.


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