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From President

Our Mission:
Contributing to the Progress of Medical and Clinical Research

  • Shun Kanehara
  • IGAKU-SHOIN’s Mission

    In recognition of its role and responsibilities
    as a professional medical publisher,
    IGAKU-SHOIN dedicates itself toward the advancement
    of medical and health science research
    as well as contributing to social welfare
    by accurately disseminating academic information
    essential to achieve these objectives.

IGAKU-SHOIN has consistently issued and provided, since its foundation in 1944, as a professional medical publisher, the latest information on medicine and clinical care, in the form of books and journals, to medical researchers and health care professionals as well as students who aspire to become these professionals. We have always kept in mind that we must “contribute to the progress of medicine through provision of processional medical information”. We are proud of this philosophy as a professional medical publisher. We summarized the philosophy into a corporate vision called IGAKU-SHOIN’s Mission when our head office was rebuilt in April 2007, and engraved, as a daily reminder, the corporate vision on the monument erected at the entrance of the 1st floor.

In recent years, IGAKU-SHOIN has issued, not only printed media, but also electronic publications utilizing a variety of electronic devices and media. We have also implemented a website utilizing the Internet and offered an electronic delivery service specialized in medicine and clinical care thereby delivering the latest professional information broadly and on the spot.

In recognition of its responsibilities and role, based on the self-assigned mission, IGAKU-SHOIN will actively employ the latest transmission means and various techniques to promptly and accurately provide medical researchers and health care professionals with the latest information essential to medical research and clinical study thus aiming to contribute to further advancement of medicine and clinical care.

Shun Kanehara